Movie night

Went to the movies with OH tonight to see Hercules in 3D. Good fun, as long as you keep in mind this is a ‘The Rock’ film. An enjoyable way to spend the evening, even if expensive ($75 for 2x3D tickets, 1 large popcorn, 2 large drinks) and it was very quiet and at least I didn’t have some sick idiot coughing and spluttering beside me throughout the movie, like last time we went. Seriously, if you are that sick you cough every 2 minutes and blow your nose every 4, you are too sick to be here GO HOME AND DONT INFECT ME.

Anywhoo…. movies good. Popcorn is too easy to over eat. Dont sit next to me if you’re sick, you inconsiderate so-and-so.

And we took the car. People tend to get a bit miffed if you refuse to put your helmet on the floor so they can sit next to you :)

Unescorted. Unassisted. Unaided. Sarah and Hercules – When it all started! ;-)


This is epic. I love reading adventures, and Sarah certainly sounds like she’s off on one!

Originally posted on indiasflipside:

26th June 2014
6am, Bangalore

‘After years of struggle, we find that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.’
And here it was, MY TRIP of a lifetime. Years of dreaming, preparing, planning was all here today. This morning of 26th June 2014, Thursday, 6am, Bangalore, right after crossing Yeshwantpur Metro station, I parked Hercules on the side. 

Oh! Let me introduce Hercules. Hercules is a custom-made Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350, my first of its kind and my most loved possession now. Apparently we both are in a relationship and he is somebody I love the most! Unarguably, he is my travel partner for my ‘dream-ride’. 

So, Hercules and I were waiting outside this dental hospital for Sarath, a friend who had been kind enough to lend me his water pack for the ride (a product that costs good 3 grands in India and budget being tight, I…

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Gear review – Sena SMH10 bluetooth unit

It can be difficult relying on hand signals when traveling together on seperate motorcycles. A couple of times I would be behind the OH signally madly that I wanted to stop (waving, flashing headlights, etc) but unless he was actively looking in his mirrors he didn’t see me, and vice versa. Once, after I blithely continued off down the road for a k or 2 when he stopped to get a bee out of his helmut,  the decision was made to get a intercom system.

After some research, we decided to go with the Sena SMH10. I can’t remember the exact reasons why, but it would’ve included value for money, reasonably priced and the features we were after.

They have changed our lives! In good and bad ways.  Its fantastic being able to warn each other of potholes, assholes and incoming. Pointing out a beautiful landscape feature, discussing routes and stops have been will worth having them installed. Some people have said to OH ‘why would you want to spend your riding time talking to your girlfriend? (Insert joke about women never shutting up here)’ but it goes both ways too, and that’s why the ability to listen to music through it is heaven sent. Sometimes I’m happy to discuss every line and apex, sometimes I just want to do it without feedback. The Sena lets you do both. The ability to pair it to your phone also means phone calls. It would be nice if you could make it announce the caller, but that’s a minor quibble. You can remove the ability for your phone to connect through bluetooth settings but I haven’t bothered.

Updating the software is easy and provides additional features. We’ve usually used the manual method of contacting each other by tapping the jog dial, but switched the voice activation on during the last update and have been enjoying the novelty of having the music turn itself back on when we haven’t spoken to each other for 20 seconds.

Over the 2 years we’ve had the units, I’ve used them every ride, and often for complete days. Since purchase, I’ve haven’t noticed an decrease in battery life (I frequently use mine for 30 odd minutes a day commuting and charge every 2 weeks or so, or before I go for a full day ride) but I have noticed a decrease in range. Upon purchase I believed the claimed 900m with clear sight, and there was distortion when we got far apart or during seriously twisty roads; now the range is a bit less and in the twisties its pretty much as soon as we lose sight of each other.

Despite the range dropping, the ability to move them between helmuts (mines been on 2 Sharks, OH’s on a Shark and an AGV), to purchase additional parts easily, and easy to navigate unit and software means that when the time comes to upgrade, we’ll definitely look very closely at the soon to be released SMH20.

Motorcycle of the Week: 2014 Triumph Rocket III


I would never have a cruiser. Unless irt was this, as this isnt a cruiser, this is a monster.

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This, my fine reader, is the 2014 Triumph Rocket III Motorcycle.

And, just in case you don’t know just how earth-shaking this sled is…

It is the largest displacement production motorcycle in the world.

It boasts a 2294cc — that’s 140 cubic inches, now… triple cylinder, liquid cooled DOHC behemoth which will make 150 horsepower.

Yes, they did away with the torque limiter for 2013—

That means —

IT WILL TEAR YOU UP on the straight. 0-60 in about 3.

And if ya care– it gets about 40 MPG on the highway.

Sticker price is only about 15G’s.

Better have a garage full of tires, though..
………………….. I think you will need em!

A Bargain.


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Dirty hands

I really should’ve taken a picture, but by the time I realised how big a job it was, I was already filthy. So I wasn’t touching my phone lol.

I’ve been meaning to adjust Stella’s chain since I saw it from the duke the other day and could see it flopping around. It wasnt especially loose (they have quite a tolerance – 13-32mm) but in the upper range and it’s best to keep on top of it. So this afternoon was adjust the chain and have a general looksie.

While adjusting, I noticed the terrible condition of my sprocket. Not damaged, not worn, just caked in gunk. New non fling chain lube certainly does not fling. Several rags, half a can of chain cleaner and filthy filthy hands later, I’ve peeled layers of gunk off and have a clean sprocket and chain again. And still have black fingernails.

I will be looking closer at my sprocket in future, but at the moment the question is – keep using the non fling, avoiding lube splatter all over my exhaust but including sprocket clean faaaar more regularly, or try a new lube? Hmmmm…….

Yes I have been lazy

But to be fair, its my blog lol.

Duke is booked in for the first service tomorrow, so OH has been doing his best to get to the required 1000km. It has not been without effort, as is been freezing and wet and windy this week (thank you low pressure system which is dumping snow 200km south, 200km north, but none here!) and he still has 150km to reach, which if he takes the long way home he should hit as he pulls into the dealer tomorrow. But with the weather doing this:


I don’t envy him. Brrrrrr.

In a bit of news unrelated to motorcycles (gasp!) OH and I have embarked again on the road to home ownership and have put my signature on a beautiful off-the-plan apartment, due to be built next year. This is the site of our future home:


Glorious mud!

I’ve been in a frenzy of choosing color schemes and looking at storage with inbuilt furniture. Its sad to say, I am eagerly awaiting the new Ikea catalogue, due out next week. We don’t have an Ikea in Canberra yet, but hopefully the planned one will be completed by the time we move in next year :)

Happy Friday everyone!