Dirty hands

I really should’ve taken a picture, but by the time I realised how big a job it was, I was already filthy. So I wasn’t touching my phone lol.

I’ve been meaning to adjust Stella’s chain since I saw it from the duke the other day and could see it flopping around. It wasnt especially loose (they have quite a tolerance – 13-32mm) but in the upper range and it’s best to keep on top of it. So this afternoon was adjust the chain and have a general looksie.

While adjusting, I noticed the terrible condition of my sprocket. Not damaged, not worn, just caked in gunk. New non fling chain lube certainly does not fling. Several rags, half a can of chain cleaner and filthy filthy hands later, I’ve peeled layers of gunk off and have a clean sprocket and chain again. And still have black fingernails.

I will be looking closer at my sprocket in future, but at the moment the question is – keep using the non fling, avoiding lube splatter all over my exhaust but including sprocket clean faaaar more regularly, or try a new lube? Hmmmm…….

Yes I have been lazy

But to be fair, its my blog lol.

Duke is booked in for the first service tomorrow, so OH has been doing his best to get to the required 1000km. It has not been without effort, as is been freezing and wet and windy this week (thank you low pressure system which is dumping snow 200km south, 200km north, but none here!) and he still has 150km to reach, which if he takes the long way home he should hit as he pulls into the dealer tomorrow. But with the weather doing this:


I don’t envy him. Brrrrrr.

In a bit of news unrelated to motorcycles (gasp!) OH and I have embarked again on the road to home ownership and have put my signature on a beautiful off-the-plan apartment, due to be built next year. This is the site of our future home:


Glorious mud!

I’ve been in a frenzy of choosing color schemes and looking at storage with inbuilt furniture. Its sad to say, I am eagerly awaiting the new Ikea catalogue, due out next week. We don’t have an Ikea in Canberra yet, but hopefully the planned one will be completed by the time we move in next year :)

Happy Friday everyone!

An Unlikely Comparison


This is great. 2 very different bikes with 2 difference audiences but aiming at the same-ish patch of dirt – who will win??

Originally posted on Driving Around Vancouver:

Presented for your approval, a comparison of two unlikely bedfellows. Two motorcycles designed to fill a similar niche yet dissimilar riders. Two radically different design answers to a common question.

Follow me if you will through the looking glass of gently tortured logic as I compare the BMW S1000R to the Honda NC750S.


2014 S1000R red 01

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A trip to Kangaroo Valley

Today dawned bright and icy, so once things started to thaw we decided to get some kms up on Duke, as the sooner through break-in the better!


Setting out.

We headed across Macs Reef Rd to Bungendore, up to Tarago and then across the bendy poorly repaired Oallen Ford Rd. There is a small section of about a km of corrugated dirt that we are well accustomed to crossing, but OH reported it was much happier on Duke than the R1. After we traversed the aptly signed ‘Warning – Poor Road Surface Ahead’ section of about 15km (it must have been cheaper to put the sign rather than fix) we turned up towards Nerriga and as per tradition we stopped at Nerriga Pub for a coke and perve at the other bikes. As it’s the only place for miles, it tends to be quite busy, with most travelers, car or bike or cycle, stopping for a drink and or a meal.


And has Ned Kelly facing the pub, fur reasons I always forget to enquire about.

Maybe you’re wondering why we come such a crappy way? Its about 120km to Nerriga, across mostly poorly maintained roads, to stop at a tiny country pub. But the other side of Nerriga makes it all worth it. If you are a rider, you dont stop to take photos, despite the breathtaking rock formations the road winds through.


Old old photo back when we were p platers and actually wanted to stop and take photos. We don’t anymore.

Thanks to some freak of nature (hopefully 2 wheeled enthusiast) road planner, there is this smooth as silk stretch of perhaps 40km full of varying sweepers and the occasionally long open straight, that hardly sees another vehicle. Its not hairpins or even especially technical, but its a place where you can perfectly position your bike, apex the corner perfectly and just roll on. I know you can do that on any road but it’s different along that stretch. It’s heaven. I presume its also why the pub is so popular.

After a quick fuel up in Nowra, we headed up Kangaroo Valley. I really wanted to go to Macquarie Pass (mainly because of the pie shop at the top lol) but due to running out of daylight we opted to do the shorter route and had a busy run up the mountain. No matter, its still a great deal of fun. OH managed to drag toes a couple of times in hairpins and he almost got a knee down on one particularly tight one.

Down the highway and into the cold, we finally made it home. Nice day to get up some kms on the Duke and do a fun route, even in the cold.

4th of July at the US Embassy 2014*


Sounds like a fun day!

Originally posted on In The Taratory:

In 2013 I was extremely lucky to be selected to attend the Canberra US Embassy’s 4th of July celebrations and blog about it. While it was time to pass the mantle over to a new swag of local bloggers this year (Kylie, Tash and Michelle), as a bit of a thank you I got the swankiest invitation I’ve ever seen to attend as a guest! What an honour.

The above lovely ladies have done a pretty stellar job at documenting the celebrations (and got a good look behind the scenes!) – I strongly encourage you to check out the 4th of July celebrations through their eyes. As a blogger it feels odd to attend an event and not blog about it, so here’s a very quick peek at what the celebrations were like for me – as a guest!

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Another cold day

But I rode anyway, even wearing glasses instead of contacts. Glasses while riding in cold weather blows. They fog up below 40kph. Yay. There are tentative reports on facebook tonight that it may snow around Canberra – I don’t think it’s quite cold enough but I occassionally wander outside to have a look anyway.

But other than that, nothing to report. I do need to check my tyres for my own peace of mind, I’ve felt the rear wobble a couple of times but damn the road is cold in the mornings, my tyres don’t even warm up on my commute. Never hurts to check tho. OH is digging riding Duke Nukem to work, but I bet he’s missing the heated grips. Hand guards will look pretty cool on the duke tho :)

Its most excellent to be at the end of a very frustrating week. Not only was Monday up there for inclusion in the crappiest days ever list, my whole week has been long and tiring. I’ve only gotten to the gym once, havent seen much daylight outside of commuting for work, and have just had one drama after another there, so to be sitting on the couch, watching some crappy Patrick Swayze apocalypse movie while nursing a bottle of wine with the knowledge that my alarm will not be going off (and snoozed repeatedly) at 6.30 tomorrow is a wonderful thing. Thank you saturday. And wine.


My friend

At least I managed to fix the car. We have an older Range Rover called Duchess (all our vehicles are named) and while she can be the most singularly frustrating vehicle on the planet, I love her dearly. I’ve only owned small cars before we got her, and I have discovered I fucking love driving a 4wd with a bullbar. The thing that frustrates me most about her is also the awesome thing that helps me understand her better – her electronics system. The system is so smart it outthinks itself and can cause some issues (you can actually lock yourself in the car. For real. It sucks.). On the flip side, its smartness means you only need a computer and a cable to make a great difference. Plug in, read the system, clear a fault (possibly caused by freezing weather not getting along with rubber bits) tell it to do some things and bingo,  a happy non dancing car again.

Happy Friday, dear reader.