Fat Suzy joins the family

So……I know I’ve been slack and not been posting anything or even really been in the sphere of bloggers lately. I could list my excuses, but it won’t change that overall. However, I can happily report I have been doing things of absolutely no interest when it comes to riding. Nada, zilch. Its been very quiet on that front.

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Repost from MHRSF: Yet another night in Sydney

I had another blog that I used for a trip around Amsterdam, Germany and Prague, and that I used to start cataloguing my frequent stays in hotels. Sadly, I am also forgetful, and this blog went by the wayside after I got JAGOAM up. But, I rediscovered it the other day and feel as though this one belongs here as well.

So for my recent birthday the fabulous OH brought me tickets to see a Soundwave Sidewave starring Korn and Rob Zombie, bands I was mad about in my teens.  I’m young enough that they’re not scary to see on stage, but old enough that I wish I had been 18 in the late 90s to see them in their prime. Anywho, the gig was at the Big Top in Luna Park, a place immortal which I have never visited. I was very excited:) so it was off to Syd, taking the bikes the long way to expand upon the holiday feel. Out of Canberra down the Clyde to Batesman Bay, turning north up towards Nowra with the tyres sticky and the tail pack bobbing. Continue reading

We’re going home from the Island! (Day 6)

This morning we packed up, said goodbye to our friends, and departed Phillip Island, at about the same time as half the people who were leaving today. It was busy! We opted to try and get to Grantville for breakfast, but found a service station which had a McDonald’s attached that would do…..and so did half the people who left the island at the same time. At least it meant the food was fresh, and the coffee was surprisingly good!
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