Last snowy lap of the season

As the weather is getting cooler and daylight savings becomes a distant memory, the opportunities for a long day ride become less and less.

Today was traditionally the last weekend before Canberrans turn on the heaters, so the days after ANZAC Day are slim pickings for long day rides. As it was going to be clear and dry, we decided to do one final Snowy Loop before the pass closed for the winter.

It started out quite cool and windy, and by the time we reached Adaminaby I was regretting and second guessing my decision, but by the time we got to Kiandra the wind had dropped, the sun was warm and it was awesome up in the mountains. I didn’t actually ride Fat Suzy at all today, but I had a great time reacquainting with Stella’s long journey quirks. Here are some photos from today:




A couple of photos taken at a hut located high in the Snowy Mountains – this one was nicknamed the ‘Snowy Hilton’ – of which they are several scattered around, and are open for travellers to take refuge in if the weather goes south.

Unfortunately we spent a bit too long up in the mountains and the sun set as we were heading home. Turns out Fat Suzy’s headlight is great on low beam, average hi beam, and does ok in the dark. Sadly, even with super dooper headlight bulbs, Stella’s headlights are still dismal and not much better for anything other than riding along a brightly lit highway (which many of our highways in Australia are not). But, we made it home safely with numb appendages and no run ins with the various wildlife – you haven’t lived until you dodge a 6ft kangaroo at 100km/h – and locked up the bikes and defrosted.


Lunch break

Twas a nice day.

Fat Suzy joins the family

So……I know I’ve been slack and not been posting anything or even really been in the sphere of bloggers lately. I could list my excuses, but it won’t change that overall. However, I can happily report I have been doing things of absolutely no interest when it comes to riding. Nada, zilch. Its been very quiet on that front.

Which is probably a major factor around yesterdays surprise purchase.


As mentioned in an earlier post, I dug the GSXS1000 when I took it for a test ride last year. Like a lot. I was seriously considering upgrading Stella (shock horror!) for quite a while. But, life gets in the way and you forget about these things.

Until I ended up out at CMC yesterday and saw a used one with very low km for a very good price. It was cheap because they were running out their demos and it had to be cheaper than that. It was low km due to a tragic story involved an older rider. It was in the color I lusted over last time (the matt grey). It was a bike OH rode and annouced he loved it and wanted it. So, it was done and we took her home!

She’ll be predominantly a commuter and fun ride for OH, as Hydra the R1 is not so awesome at heavy traffic. I will be pinching the keys as often as I can, because as OH said yesterday while I was riding her, ‘the mad laughter coming through the helmet when you take off tells me all I need to know about that bike’.

She is awesome. AWESOME. She is big and a bit of a porker  (209kg dry, but 11 of that is exhaust and cat!) but all of the weight is so low and well balanced that it feels very nimble.  She’s maybe an inch longer than Stella from wheel to wheel, so very compact. The bulk of the front and the engine doesnt look disproportionate to the rear, which can be an issue with nakeds. Renthal fat bars sit very low and comfortably. And off the line its like engage warp drive. Holy god. She’s just ticked over into the second stage of run in, so don’t go above 8600 from a 11500 range, and I’m a little scared of that area above 8600. With traction control on the middle level, and being aware of rev limit, AND being a new bike to me, I got decent rear wheel wiggle and a very light front wheel when doing a spirited take off from the lights. Fat Suzy is a fun girl to ride.

The name has come care of CagerOnTwoWheels, a Portuguese vlogger who we discovered last night. Fat Suzy most of the time, Muscle Suzy when I’m exceptionally pleased. Here’s a link to his awesome review:

Now, time to give Stella a bath (as she’s disgustingly filthy at the moment) and then to take the pair for a ride.

Repost from MHRSF: Yet another night in Sydney

I had another blog that I used for a trip around Amsterdam, Germany and Prague, and that I used to start cataloguing my frequent stays in hotels. Sadly, I am also forgetful, and this blog went by the wayside after I got JAGOAM up. But, I rediscovered it the other day and feel as though this one belongs here as well.

So for my recent birthday the fabulous OH brought me tickets to see a Soundwave Sidewave starring Korn and Rob Zombie, bands I was mad about in my teens.  I’m young enough that they’re not scary to see on stage, but old enough that I wish I had been 18 in the late 90s to see them in their prime. Anywho, the gig was at the Big Top in Luna Park, a place immortal which I have never visited. I was very excited:) so it was off to Syd, taking the bikes the long way to expand upon the holiday feel. Out of Canberra down the Clyde to Batesman Bay, turning north up towards Nowra with the tyres sticky and the tail pack bobbing.  
Packing is minimalistic on a motorbike – you’re limited by available tie down points, weight and the gear you’re wearing, as you have to swing your leg over the extra tied on or do this funny hop shuffle highkick in tight pants and knee high boots (not as cute as it sounds.  And cue mega upset when u drag your heel over your tank and mark the paint) and that’s how I get on my bike with the tail pack on. Marks on paint from this trip = 1. Not bad. So in my tiny 13l tail pack for an over night trip to a metal concert is…..
2x shirts (1 concert 1 tomorrow)
1x cargo shorts (cos fuck handbags in a mosh pit)
1x sm toiletries bag (eyemakeup and remover, shampoo/conditioner, brushes, hairspray, moisturiser, some other shit) 
Phone chargers
Sm bottle Jack
Phone and wallet
Spare etcs
Tshirt for OH.
That’s a lot squished into that tiny bag, but it does a great job.

OH had in his tail pack:
My doc martins
His New Rock boots
Cargo shorts
T shirt.  I think I had the better pack lol.

So, good run, some traffic, first syd tunnel by bike and the omgthatssofuckinggorgeousness of riding over the Harbour Bridge. Loved it.

Checked into our hotel in Milsons Point, who were initially confused by the concept of parking 2 motorcycles in one carpark, but warmed to the idea. Parked the bikes, unloaded and then up to our room with its lovely view of the slummy building next door. Facilities were typical for Sydney, basic with a premium price. Ce la vie. The bathroom was especially cramped, and it appears as though there must still be water restrictions – its been years since I’ve had a shower with pressure in Sydney. And this was one of the worst – lovely big rain maker shower head, but a watering can pushes the water out harder. Urgh.

However, the bed was comfy, the room was clean and the hotel was quiet. No funky smells. 

The concert was amazing, but my feet are summer adjusted and my docs just ate them, to the point D carried them back to the hotel and I ruined my socks.  My feet still hurt:/

Home was via the busy George St and out to the beautiful Royal National Park and Seacliffe Bridge. Gorgeous riding roads. 

I stole this from Google, as I was too busy riding it to stop and take a photo. IIRC I di have some photos from Stanwell Tops. If I find them I’ll share them.

We’re going home from the Island! (Day 6)

This morning we packed up, said goodbye to our friends, and departed Phillip Island, at about the same time as half the people who were leaving today. It was busy! We opted to try and get to Grantville for breakfast, but found a service station which had a McDonald’s attached that would do…..and so did half the people who left the island at the same time. At least it meant the food was fresh, and the coffee was surprisingly good!
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