Hi all who may still be reading, I admit I suck

So my last post was January. JANU-FUCKING-ARY. That’s atrocious. The lack of riding has been woeful – when I moved to Victoria I had 48000km on Stella’s tripmeter, I now have 49000. I am ashamed and should sell my bike.

The weather here has been an adjustment. There’s very few clear reasonable days to go for a ride – in Canberra you’d be freezing and wearing 6 layers but at least the sun was shining and you knew it would be better at the coast. There is no better here. If it’s freezing here you can bet your ass it’s gonna be the same for 200km in all directions. Not very motivating to get out.

And the wind. THE WIND. I need a suitable nickname for it – soul destroyer doesn’t roll off the tongue so well. When it’s freezing, blowing 50kph, and randomly raining with no warning, why the hell would you want to go on a pleasure cruise?

That’s been my mindset for the last 6 months – yes it got cold that early.

But, this year, I must do better. Stella’s rear brake switch is sticky from misuse. FROM MISUSE. What a terrible state for a motorcycle to be in.

We did have an amazing run through the Otway’s on Saturday, which was glorious. I started off in a bad mindset (gale force winds forecast for the early afternoon, hence why we were so early) plus a headache, but even though the headache didn’t go away, once I got into the mountains I just started feeling better. I ended the day with a horrid headache and a lightness in my heart. We made it home before the winds, it was sunny and warm, there was very little traffic, and I let a baby goat chew on my jeans. It was a great day.

I need to do this more often.


Visiting Marysville on a hot day

First blog in months! To be fair, first long ride in months. Moving and new job has really taken it out of me, to the point where weekends were mostly spent at home going wtf or heading into Melbourne to do Christmas shopping, then there was Christmas and its associated craziness, my rebeginning at the gym, plus the rather sudden requirement to purchase a new car kinda sapped all the time. Plus,the weather here in costal Victoria is just bizarre – but rarely hot. The weather report for this weekend though was supposed to be hot, sunny and without massive winds (another regular weather event down here) so when OH suggested going for a ride I was optimistic. I was recovering from a cold, but that would be fine……

So yeah, turns out yesterday was one of the hottest days so far – it was over 30 by the time we left the house at 9.30am. And it just kept going up…..

Its a decent slog up the highway from Geelong, but it’s actually much better on the bike than in the car! Its a really wonky road to put it mildy, and the cars I’ve driven on it have rocked and rolled all over the place – being about to stick in one wheel track made a huge difference!

Then it in the ring road around Melb, and made our first stop in a little servo somewhere just before Greensborough to top up and have a drink.

On we went to Healsville, through the Yarra Valley (and I definitely need to come back in the car for an overnighter – so many wineries! 😍) with its gorgeous views, pretty little towns, and good roads. 

We stopped at a pub in Healsville for an early lunch and got the bbq of a lifetime:

Buttermilk chicken where have you been all my life???

Only available parking was in the sun……black seats burn!

After lunch we headed on up to Marysville and that’s where it got really hot. Once we got into the mountain roads properly tho it started to cool down a bit, which was a major relief.

Called a 5 min ‘just have to stop in the shade for a minute’ break here, was getting gruelling 

I was suprised by how much the scenery reminded me of the Alpine Way,until I saw the snow signs…  it dyes apparently snow up there in winter, and there’s even a little ski resort! Something to remember for later in the year. 

It was a great 80kmish stretch from Marysville to Warburton, steady twisties all the way, gorgeous scenery, and really good roads. We took it pretty easy due to the heat, but I can definitely see myself coming back for a power run at some point in time 😊

Coming back through Lilydale and Ringwood was pretty standard, except for the temp kept rising and was probably nudging close to 40 on the road. At our last couple of fuelstops I had actually doused myself completely with water (the motorcyclist AC lol) and it was drying out within a couple of km, so I wasnt particularly suprised when Stellas temp gauge when up to the one-below-boiling indicator when in a bit of stop-start traffic. Pulled over out the front of the Olympic Stadium and left her to cool down for half an hour while we lay in the concrete in the shade and just URGHED. 

Safe photo from the shade and the lovely cool concrete block

And after than it was pretty standard run down the highway and home, crawl into the air conditioned house (thank EVERYTHING we left that on before leaving) and literally peeled off my sweaty kevlars and laid down on the floor. Where it was cool. And then drank a lot of water!

Our route for the day

Guest post – Ania Todua 

So, I still haven’t gotten around to writing up my move – I’ve been busy unpacking! However, I was contacted by the lovely Ania on FB (yes – justanothergirlonamotorbike is on the facepages now – please go like me I’m lonely over there lol) who has written a guest blog post with a link to motorcyclehouse.com I’m sharing below. Jump over and have a look at her fb page when you’re finished 😊

​All in it together – Joining a Motorcycle Club

Whether you have been a motorcycle rider for a few years now or are just purchasing your first bike, there are going to be times where you want to be able to ride with other bike owners and enjoy the experiences on the road together. Owning a bike seems to automatically initiate you into some kind of secret society where you are kindred spirits with all of the other bike owners that you come across. There can be no better way for you to share this passion of yours than by getting together with other bikers and doing things together. Joining a motorcycle club can be a great way for you to get out and meet new people that share the same interests and passions that you have. 

Why Join a Club?

There are a number of great reasons for you to join a motorcycle club. Of course, the top reason is to get the chance to meet new people and interact with them regularly. Other bikers are going to share many of the same interests you have regarding your motorcycle and where you might like to ride. It can also be a great way for you to gain insight and experience about motorcycles and places to go since you can learn from the experience of those who have driven for a long time. Many clubs also get involved in different community and fundraising efforts so you can get the chance to take part in different events that will greatly benefit those in your local area. You might also find that some clubs get discounts for their members at local businesses so that you are able to save money at certain places.


Where to Find a Club

The easiest way for you to find a motorcycle club in your area is to make use of the Internet. There are many different websites and forums that provide listings and information about different clubs in the United States and all over the world. You can even find clubs that may specialize in certain memberships, such as those for women, veterans, members of law enforcement and the like. You can then reach out directly to the club that you are most interested and joining and learn more about the club, its mission, the kind of events they take part in and more. You can go to one of their public events and meet members to learn more information and see how well of a fit they are for you. Some clubs may be by invitation only, but you can contact the club leaders and talk to them to see about the possibility of joining.


Once you have a motorcycle club that you like you can then become a part of the club and have a connection and brotherhood with the other members. This can help add more to your personal life and give you the chance to get involved on weekends or other times so you can get even more out of your love of motorcycles. At the end don’t forget to wear your necessary gears whether you are on road with the club members or alone.  

Winter doldrums

So, we are in the depths of winter here in Canberra, and whilst its not been an especially cold winter, it’s certainly been exceedingly wet (like record breaking levels of wet) which have lead to not much riding at all. I had to replace my battery as it finally gave up the ghost from not being used most days out of the week, and that’s probably the most exciting thing that has happened to poor Stella. And my heated grips controller came unstuck, but that’s an easy fix. 

I have actually been looking into the world of vlogging (out of boredom perhaps?) and even purchased an action cam with the plan of recording some rides (but to do so I have to actually go riding lol) but I screwed up and didn’t get one I could plug a mic into. Sooooo, back to the drawing board and youtube reviews. I will pop up a review on the new little camera soon though, as I’m pretty impressed with it. 

In other news though, Stella will soon have some new roads to travel – justanothergirl is moving! Its time to start preparing for a large interstate move involving a houseful of stuff, plus several motorcycles and one car. Any tips appreciated! 

Lots of flashback pics going up on instagram – give me a like to remind me to get out there more. I miss hot summer days and long hours of riding……

Take care everyone. I hope my American readers are enjoying their rather balmy summer!

Fat Suzy joins the family

So……I know I’ve been slack and not been posting anything or even really been in the sphere of bloggers lately. I could list my excuses, but it won’t change that overall. However, I can happily report I have been doing things of absolutely no interest when it comes to riding. Nada, zilch. Its been very quiet on that front.

Which is probably a major factor around yesterdays surprise purchase. Continue reading

Repost from MHRSF: Yet another night in Sydney

I had another blog that I used for a trip around Amsterdam, Germany and Prague, and that I used to start cataloguing my frequent stays in hotels. Sadly, I am also forgetful, and this blog went by the wayside after I got JAGOAM up. But, I rediscovered it the other day and feel as though this one belongs here as well.

So for my recent birthday the fabulous OH brought me tickets to see a Soundwave Sidewave starring Korn and Rob Zombie, bands I was mad about in my teens.  I’m young enough that they’re not scary to see on stage, but old enough that I wish I had been 18 in the late 90s to see them in their prime. Anywho, the gig was at the Big Top in Luna Park, a place immortal which I have never visited. I was very excited 🙂 so it was off to Syd, taking the bikes the long way to expand upon the holiday feel. Out of Canberra down the Clyde to Batesman Bay, turning north up towards Nowra with the tyres sticky and the tail pack bobbing. Continue reading